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Character Battle VIII

Creativename's Hyper Adjusted X-Stats

These are my uber-tweaked stats - extremely far from "pure" stats. They are based on what I think is most reasonable and supported by the data, being relatively conservative in most cases. I have made a large amount of adjustments, including day/night adjustments. These are not to be relied on unless you agree with the adjustments. If you wish to make your own adjustments, please use the spreadsheet at: CB8 X-Stats.xls


Leon's Adjusted CB8 X-Stats

These are Leonhart's adjusted stats. He did great work on the mess that was the 2K8 4-way stats, and his 2K8 stats were surprisingly accurate on a number of occassions in the CB8 contest. The list of adjustments he made is below.


1. Mario was adjusted based off of his proportion to Samus in the 2008 stats
2. Ike and Falco were adjusted based off of their proportions to Mario in the 2008 stats
3. I gave Bowser and Luigi their 2008 numbers and stuck Yoshi right in between them
4. Adjusted Meta Knight off of his proportion to Ryu in 2008

Geolocation X-Stats

The following X-Stats are fully courtesy of user Calintares.

Sorted by Regional Strength

Raw CB8 X-Stats

The stats below are raw and unadjusted. They are corrupted by SFF, night/day matches, Solid Snake in the sprite round, and the exaggerated effect of FF7 anti-votes on 12 hour matches. They will be of little utility without the use of personal judgement and logic.

You may create your own adjusted standings by playing around with this Excel spreadsheet: CB8 X-Stats.xls

Poll Updates

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