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RankPoll IDMatch #Winner's SeedWinnerWinner's VotesWinner's PercentLoser's SeedLoserLoser's VotesLoser's PercentTotal VotesVote DifferencePercent DifferenceNotes
1242511The Legend of Zelda10016389.97%8Civilization1116910.03%1113328899479.94%
2242625Mega Man X7427072.61%4Suikoden2801827.39%1022884625245.22%
3242733Pokemon7157965.74%6Star Ocean3730734.26%1088863427231.48%
5242951Metal Gear7752269.90%8Soul Calibur3338230.10%1109044414039.80%
6243064Fire Emblem5779857.05%5Silent Hill4351242.95%1013101428614.10%
8243282Kingdom Hearts8173573.12%7Harvest Moon3005126.88%1117865168446.23%
9243391Super Mario Bros.10872392.21%8Madden NFL91867.79%1179099953784.42%
102434105Warcraft6416750.44%4Grand Theft Auto6305149.56%12721811160.88%
112435113Sonic the Hedgehog8162770.87%6Devil May Cry3355029.13%1151774807741.74%
122436122Super Smash Bros.9078976.37%7Dragon Quest2809223.63%1188816269752.74%
132437131Final Fantasy10764885.98%8Diablo1756014.02%1252089008871.95%6
142438144Mega Man6207558.12%5Mario Kart4472741.88%1068021734816.24%
152439156Street Fighter7152664.77%3The Elder Scrolls3890435.23%1104303262229.54%
162440162Resident Evil9769687.76%7Shadow Hearts1362712.24%1113238406975.52%
172441171The Legend of Zelda10440080.32%5Mega Man X2557719.68%1299777882360.64%
192443191Metal Gear7401765.23%4Fire Emblem3945734.77%1134743456030.46%
202444202Kingdom Hearts6585151.33%3Castlevania6243548.67%12828634162.66%
212445211Super Mario Bros.9777581.13%5Warcraft2274118.87%1205167503462.26%
222446222Super Smash Bros.7275557.66%3Sonic the Hedgehog5342342.34%1261781933215.32%
232447231Final Fantasy10057474.19%4Mega Man3498825.81%1355626558648.38%
242448242Resident Evil6208750.73%6Street Fighter6030849.27%12239517791.45%
252449251The Legend of Zelda11400984.70%2Metroid2059515.30%1346049341469.40%
262450261Metal Gear8017758.31%2Kingdom Hearts5733641.69%1375132284116.61%
272451271Super Mario Bros.7653361.76%2Super Smash Bros.4738638.24%1239192914723.52%
282452281Final Fantasy10355276.06%2Resident Evil3260223.94%1361547095052.11%
292453291The Legend of Zelda9763373.74%1Metal Gear3477726.26%1324106285647.47%
302454301Final Fantasy8399753.24%1Super Mario Bros.7377646.76%157773102216.48%
312455311The Legend of Zelda8082550.99%1Final Fantasy7770249.01%15852731231.97%7

* - Bracket Prediction numbers are estimates based on the numbers found on the "Correct Picks by Battle" percentages found on the Contest Statistics page, and the number of entries for each contest. These estimates could be off by +/- 10 brackets. Based on 16,764 brackets for SC2K2, 41,059 brackets in Summer 2K3, 40,940 in Spring 2K4, 33,221 in Summer 2K4, 24,748 in Spring 2K5, 33,793 in Summer 2K5, 46,198 in Summer 2K6, 42,646 in Fall 2K6.
1 - Original site layout
2 - Original site layout, sponsored poll displacing contest poll
3 - Xenogears vs. Pokemon match: repeated due to voting bug
4 - Kingdom Hearts vs. Soul Calibur match: Site layout switched around noon during this match
5 - Vice City vs. Knights of the Old Republic match: two-day match
6 - Match was 15 minutes short - delayed start
7 - Match was roughly 30 minutes short - site downtime from after 10:05pm to before 10:35pm EST
8 - Match was 25 hours due to Dalight Savings Time